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“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”~George Bernard Shaw “

May 13, 2023

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~Hippocrates

Today we took a bus ride and tour to Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse. Lyon’s mythic indoor food market with an international reputation for offering the very finest gourmet food. Think of almost any food you could, in the most artful presentation imaginable and booths upon booths of these foods. The aroma was intoxicating and the visual presentation was like art.

There were sausages, any kind of meat, chickens with their headless head attached to the package, sweet treats, wine, cheese, fruit, and vegetables.

There was a bachelor party at one of the food stalls filled with boisterous men enjoying themselves with food and drink, There was escargot, every cheese you could imagine, and more, meats I had never heard of before and foods I imagine i would never see again. The locals use it as a food market, it is not just a tourist trap.

Tonight was beret night on the cruise and Rodger and Karen, Skip and I got into the spirit of day!

And sometimes, life is just the right combination of positive forces and good luck and you get to spend some time in another country, across the sea with one of your best friends share some time, food, and wine and it is just perfect. We had such a moment today ( or a couple of hours) when Vinny and Edie and our friend Arlene happened to be on a different cruise line spending some time at the same port in Lyon, France.

“The very best gift… is that anyone can experience those unexpected twinkles of joy that make a magical moment. At these moments, you feel true, deep joy because of a great new insight, a beautiful prospect, or a glimpse into the radiance of another soul. They are the magic moments when life seems better than you ever realized.” ~ Richard M Eyre

“There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.” Jay Shetty

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