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“Whose your table Daddy?” ~ Tom Haas

May 11, 2023

After another successful night of sleep, a hearty and healthy breakfast at the hotel, and an after-breakfast rest, we walked what felt like several miles to our lunch. destination. Today we were dining at L’Institut Restaurant Paul Bocuse. On Place Bellecour, this training restaurant feels nothing like a school! In a contemporary decor designed by Pierre – Yves Rochon, with open kitchens giving onto the restaurant, the students deliver a high standard of service. The dishes are extremely well made and deserve a high mark. We dined on beautiful foods accompanied by wine pairings at our assigned tables with Tom Haas being our “table daddy” his words, not mine.

“Food is a language of care, the things we do when traditional language fails us when we don’t know what to say when there are no words to say.” ~ Shauna Niequis

This afternoon we took a car ride throughout the city. We went to the cathedral area which overlooks the city of Lyon. We visited some plazas and saw some fascinating painted buildings and architecture. With my limitations of being able to walk with a torn meniscus, it was a good way to see some sights.

The long history of Lyon, which was founded by the Romans in the 1st century B.C. as the capital of the Three Gauls and has continued to play a major role in Europe’s political, cultural, and economic development ever since is vividly illustrated by its urban fabric and the many fine historic buildings from all periods.

“Never doubt the courage of the French. They were the ones who discovered that snails are edible. ~ Doug Larson (American Journalist)

“They were content with each good day as it came, taking pleasure in every meal, and in every word and song.” ~ J R R Tolkien

Not to be done on our foodie journey, tonight we dined at La Gargotte in Lyon. Once again, Dave and Thierry had reserved the entire restaurant for our group for a private dinner. There were choices of fish, beef, risotto with squid ink, and choices of appetizers and delicious homemade desserts. And once again plentiful wine and friends both old and new.

“When I eat with my friends, it is a moment of real pleasure, when I really enjoy my life.”~ Monica Bellucci

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