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“Life was meant to great adventure and close friends.” ~ Unknown

April 22, 2022

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another “What you too? I thought that no one but myself?” ~ C. S. Lewis

Today we had a leisurely breakfast and went to the Church in the attic which is a museum of a church that was catholic and became a “secret church “during the times when the protestants took over the churches during the Protestant Reformation, with our friends Tom and Barabara and Harry and Joanne. To be honest, without Harry and Joanne told us about it I probably never would have ventured to this site and I was glad I did despite the many stairs. Did I mention there were stairs? There were so many stairs that my apple watch asked if I had been abducted, but it was well worth the effort. The church was lovely and the self-guided tour was very informative once I was able to breathe again.

Have I mentioned there were stairs? If you survived the climb to the attic, you were blessed with amazing views. and hopefully for those of us that were raised as Catholic, plenary indulgences just for the attempt to make it all the way to the attic.

Once my heart rate returned to a normal range after the climb, Skip and I took a leisurely walk and took random photos. There were cheese stores, sweets stores, stroopwafels stores, weed stores, and interesting and strange stores. It was relaxing, it was peaceful, and It was perfection.

To top off a lovely morning we met with Gary (the canary) and Peggy and ventured to lunch at a Pancake place where the only food was …pancakes!! Which they could make safely gluten-free. And they were delicious!

We ventured to the ship, boarded without incident, wined in the afternoon and well into the eve. Reconnected with “old” friends and connected with new friends.

“The person you have known a long time is embedded in you like a jewel. The person you have just met casts out a few glistening beams & you are fascinated to see more of them. How many more are there? With someone you’ve barely met the curiosity is intoxicating.”
Naomi Shihab Nye

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