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“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” ~ M. K. Clinton

April 16, 2022

“Dogs’ lives are too short.
Their only fault, really.”

Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Today we had to make the incredibly difficult decision to put our dog Harry to sleep. Harold, Harry, Little Buddy, Harry-Balls, and Balsagna, as he was affectionately known, among other names, came into our lives with his littermate sister Frankie almost fourteen years ago. Several years before we had lost our first dog and I swore I would never get another dog as it just hurt too much to lose one. So, technically I was correct as we did not get another dog, we got two. Neither Harry, nor Frankie could be thought of as the brightest bulbs in the chandelier as the saying goes, intellectually, (Harry failed puppy class a few times), but indeed Harry was an old soul, full of love and wisdom. He could stare at you especially after his eyes had clouded over from illness and he could barely see, tilt his head, and you knew, yes you knew, he understood you and cared.

Harry and Frankie were double trouble. They barked too much, hated delivery people, detested the lawn guys, and would get each other going racing through the house doing zoomies or on and off the furniture. I fear Frankie will be lost without Harry.

Harry met quite a few people in life he did not like, and there were a couple he wanted to see how they tasted. He either loved you and licked your head or attempted to put you in your place! When Kristen left for studies abroad 14 years ago, before factime and zoom, there was skype and Harry was a master of Skype and many other things such as amazon shopping, sending the perfect Hallmark card, sending the perfect 1800flowers arrangement that looked like him or his newest skill sending money via Venmo.

When his legs worked and his eyes could see the distance, he loved nothing better than to perch on the back of a couch or chair to get a better view of his kingdom. Indeed, we were a part of his world and meant to serve him.

He loved to “floof” his blue blankie, drink a bowl of water like he had come in from the desert, beg for treats ( he was entitled he never begged), shake his crate to let you know he had to go outside like a prisoner shaking his cup for some drink, and he loved, loved, loved when I would leave the bed to take my place and snuggle with his dad, and when his sister Kristen came to visit he’d tell her that he understood what it was like to have allergies and snuggle like he was starved for affection.

Right now it hurts immeasurably in my heart. I’ll miss our talks, I’ll miss our walks if only to the backyard to do business, I’ll miss the big part of our lives that you were for the past fourteen years. You helped me without judgment for my tears when my dad died, you helped me without judgment for my fears during the pandemic. In your short life, you touched a lot of people and you will be missed.

“With eye upraised his master’s look to scan, the joy, the solace, and the aid of man: The rich man’s guardian and the poor man’s friend, The only creature faithful to the end.”

– George Crabbe

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  1. Jill Smith permalink

    This is a beautiful tribute to Harry!

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