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“Traveling is almost like talking with those of other centuries.” ~ Rene Descartes

September 16, 2017

Today we traveled to Assisi.  Yesterday I mentioned that it would have been good if I had studied harder for the Art History class I took in college.  Today I would like to say it would have been better if I had studied  harder in my history of religions class, or any history class for that matter.  None the less our visit to Assisi in a hill town in central Italy was educational, beautiful and a good workout!

Saint Francis of Assisi is one of Italy’s patron saints.  Assisi is his birth place and the Basilica of St. Francis is extraordinary.  The first site we visited was where St. Clare is buried.  There was no photography allowed in most of the churches and in some strictly no talking.  I found both rules to be quite challenging!  The city is high up on a hill with many breathtaking views and it is also quite breath-taking literally to walk up and down the steep stone walkways and stairs.  My fit-bit buzzed again to make sure that it was me actually wearing it as it recording 27 stair cases and over 10,000 steps!

Our guide was Luigi (I assume his brother is Mario) and he had the stamina of a much younger man.  I understood little of what he told me in his thick Italian accent, even when he out his hands to his mouth as a unique attempt to amplify his voice.


There were many steps, too many steps but we all survived and traveled on to Tilli Vini, an organic family winery for a lunch and (shocker) a wine tasting.  The wine was  very tasty as well as the food and the family, a mother and daughter team who seemed to run the show,  were both passionate and entertaining.  It was apparent they loved what they did for a living.

After such a difficult and exhausting day we returned to the farmhouse and sat in the backyard sipping wine and chatting.  The sunset was stunning.  The dinner was outstanding. The company was exceptional. Loretta and Rich had the pleasure of meeting up and spending the day with their lovely granddaughter Rose, who was studying abroad in Perugia.  She spent some time with all of us and is as lovely in the inside as she is in the outside.

“I’m going to stand outside. So if anyone asks, I am outstanding.”~Unknown



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