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“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” ~ Henry Miller

May 30, 2016

Today we had a day to ourselves.  We could have opted out of the group activities on any other day if we had chosen to, but I can not imagine why on earth we would ever want to.   Nonetheless this was a kind of beginning of our decompression/detox of vacation of endless fun, of seeing new places, having new experiences, and a gentle nudge in the right direction of being kind to our livers from all the wine and beer.  The day succeeded in all but the detox!

Skip and I ventured into Munich on our own walking tour, he to see some sights, me to take some more photographs and to do some more shopping. We were both victorious!


Elevator Photography

Our hotel, the Excelsior, was centrally located in Munich so we could walk easily to where we wanted.  Today we logged 7.38 miles!  We visited two churches, Theatine Church and Heiliggestkirche,  after we strolled the pedestrian square.

We took a leisurely walk though the market called the “Viktualienmarkt”.

It was warm and sunny and we took a rest at the Luigi Tambosi am Hofgarten where Skip had to have a beer and a pretzel.

There was a beautiful garden to stroll through and in the center of a dome with amazing acoustics a man was playing songs on glasses filled with different amounts of water.  It was mesmerizing.

We strolled back and found a cafe for a relaxing and delicious lunch which may or may not have included another beer and sausages, German potato salad and mustard!

On our way back to the hotel to begin to pack for our journey home we passed through the shops where apparently “Christ” sells high-end watches, I am not sure what you can purchase at Wormland, and vendors sold their wares.  There was a pretty alley with glass lanterns decorating the street.  After packing and more wine with our friends we were treated to a final group dinner at a traditional German Biergarten.


“This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before”.     

~Maya Angelou


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