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Taking pictures is making memories

June 24, 2012


There is a song which they used to play at the happiest place on earth ( Disney World in case you have any question about where it might be).  In Epcot in the Kodak sponsored pavilion pre-show.   It makes me bawl, hard core cant get though it, so I give in and go with it.   Now, if you know me you will be aware that it does not take much to bring me to tears but this one used to as we walked up to the pavilion by pure anticipation.  And it was not because Michael Jackson was to follow as Caption Eo  (

The pre show was a montage of families in happy pictures while the upbeat song played in surround sound letting you know that “taking pictures was making memories … But when we’re making memories happy days are always here.”   My mind is my camera, and my camera helps my mind tremendously.  I have up until the last few years when I crossed over from film to digital been obsessive about taking pictures to help me capture the moments (memories) in time.  The attached is from years ago,  a Teddy Bear named “Ted”  from my husband that vacationed with our friends John and Carol, before children.   Ted as you can see had an issue with drinking and driving yet if you look closely he did wear a seat belt, so he was somewhat safely aware.   I’m trying to start easy on myself, not the pressure to “post something every day” to add to my stress , which is why instead of the volumes of amazing pictures and thoughts I have I chose Ted in the car.  It was so long ago, that I almost forgot about it, but seeing the picture made me smile, and yes made me cry, but they are happy tears.  It was and still is a good memory of a good time, the picture helped me to remember.   Hence the pre-show in Disney World makes me flood my mind with endless streaming of memories, the memories we were making right then and there in Disney World , the moments we had made, the moments we were to make.   The pictures are the spark hopefully that makes you smile, and sometimes get tearful , but hopefully happy tears.   Remember the past, savor  the present and look forward to the future, take lots of pictures ( or pic-moes)  and make lots of memories.

“All around us everywhere we look every moment that we live can fill a picture book light and shadows smiles and sentimental tears they’re a precious treasure we can cherish through the years”

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