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A little piece of heaven

June 22, 2012


Today, right now despite being woken up by the dogs at 6 am I am in my happy place.  The sun is shining, the water is calm, the wind is still and the house for all intents and purposes is quiet.  My kids are safe and sound.   As I sit and drink my cup of tea I can reflect on how incredibly blessed I am to be here.  Many times I feel unworthy, like I just don’t deserve so much good so many blessings.  But thankfully more often than not I try to just be grateful and live in the moment and do what I can to make more moments like this.   Its my “philosophy” if you can call it that, that is our responsibility in life to make and pause to enjoy and reflect on these moments.  I call them my memories.   My goal, and I personally believe it should be the goal of everyone – is to do what we can do to position ourselves to create these happy times, these happy moments, these happy memories.   Life will throw at you many curve balls, fastballs and sliders  as it can (please note my baseball reference)  that we just can only “get a piece of” to stay alive at the plate as they say ( who are they I wonder but that’s another post).   So, we need to capture and savor and remember , sometimes bittersweet, but none the less – good memories to offset the bad.   Today, in this moment, I take a risk and hopefully hit publish post at the end of this reflection to create a new memory of my first ever post.   Let’s have a good day and make some happy memories my friends.

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